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SUSTAINABILITY / doing our part

Academia Press promotes the method of responsible Eco-business management for our sustainable future.

• We have adopted sustainable design practices using PDF workflow with minimal draft printing. There-by we are consciously reducing physical waste when & where possible.

• Your products are produced strictly with vegetable inks or eco- responsible toners & we use stocks with Post Consumer Recycled content or FSC Certified paper.

• Our invoices and statements are now forwarded electronically unless requested otherwise, therefore reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating fuel consumption of traditional delivery methods.

• We encourage consumers of today to choose services and suppliers who believe in doing our part for our sustainable future. . . and thereby also "leading by example" .

It is also important to understand the meaning of "sustainability"

The fact is that many companies have jumped on the GREEN band wagon simply as a result of following what others are doing. Unfortunately, most larger ones have done so simply to exploit it as a new marketing angle because they have been forced via new regulations to change certain practices.

As consumers, it has also become a sad state of affairs when we are now so desensitized to slogans as "GO GREEN" or "ECO- FRIENDLY" that we already think "yeah, yeah, we get it " . . . and so we'll go along with this media based GREEN hype, as long as it doesn't inconvenience our lives, cost us extra or delay us from picking up the kids from daycare.

After all, we're already doing our part for our "sustainable future" with separating our trash and throwing the cans into the Blue Bin and potato peels into the Green bin - right ! ?

Certainly every little effort helps. . . but the general consensis shows we don't really worry too much. We believe the world is going to be just fine because our government, or some other form of authority, has it all in control for us. 

Relating to this so called GREEN issue on a pragmatic level is a good start, however, it is also important to understand the meaning of "Sustainability" 

So, what is the definition ?

To understanding the question, we must first understand the problem - and the truth behind the problem is shocking. 

- The recent 100 years has seen the fastest technological and economic development in our entire 5000 year history of documented human civilization. 

- In the last 100 years, the global population has increased from 1 billion to now over 7 billion people. (and is forecasted to nearly 12 billion in the next 50 years)

- We are living in what appears to be an unstoppable momentum of progress with the worlds financial institutions leading the way in lending money to governments of developing nations and multi-national corporations. They in turn are voraciously harvesting global resources to sustain global demands of the ever growing human population on our small planet. (Yes, our Canadian Artic is already scheduled next on the list for world exploitation on a massive scale as it is our planets only remaining untapped source of natural resources )

- Naturally this process of money lending simultaneously also flows cash back to world banks to continue the cycle of fueling the financial expectations of nations that are driven by the demands of thier growing populations. In wealthy G1 countries like ours, this continuous influx of dept stimulates economic growth yet causes steady and continuous inflation as we each strive to increase our own personal wealth and quality of life over time . . . all in hopes of maintaining lifestyles which we currently still take for granted.

- Despite the 2008 global economic collapse, money now grows even faster than the real world. This has resulted in debt growing more rapidly than people can pay and subsequently it has become the political fight of the 21st century.

It would appear the answer to "what is sustainability?" is as diverse as the ecological, economic and political issues that plague our world.

So, choose to do what moves you - and lead by example !